Donation Process

Canadian Plasma Resources wants to make you comfortable when you donate. Let us explain what you can expect during your visit.

For your first visit to donate, schedule 2 1/4 hours. This is to complete all the health and safety checks and to make your first donation. Your next visit should take about 90 minutes to donate.



  • Present valid identification
  • Complete questionnaire
  • Review educational material
  • Review consent form
  • Undergo preliminary health checks, including blood pressure and temperature


  • Undergo physical examination
  • Review registration information with medical professional
  • Participate in interview and question and answer session
  • Confirm consent


  • Escorted to bed
  • Prep for donation
  • Connect to plasmapheresis machine
  • Pass time by reading, watching TV or listening to music
  • Undergo monitoring by staff


  • Enjoy refreshments in waiting room for 10 minutes
  • Schedule next donation

Video by: Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association PPTA